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At Dover Foodbank, we are proud to be part of The Trussell Trust’s extensive network of 428 food banks, united in our mission to combat food poverty and hunger in communities across the UK. Established in 2004, The Trussell Trust’s Foodbank Network emerged from the pioneering work of the original foodbank in Salisbury, which had been under development for four years.

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In collaboration with local communities and churches, The Trussell Trust has facilitated the establishment of food banks in various towns and cities, including Dover. The aim has been to provide vital support to individuals and families facing crisis situations, ensuring they have access to emergency food supplies when they need it most.

In the 2022/23 period alone, the food banks within The Trussell Trust’s network provided an astounding 2,986,203 three-day emergency food supplies and support to people across the UK. Among these distributions, 1,139,553 were specifically provided for children, underlining the essential role food banks play in supporting vulnerable families.

While our immediate focus remains on providing emergency aid, both The Trussell Trust and local food banks, including Dover Foodbank, are committed to developing innovative programs aimed at offering more comprehensive assistance beyond food provision. Initiatives like ‘More Than Food’ are designed to address the root causes of crises, with the ultimate goal of supporting individuals to move out of crisis situations and reduce reliance on food banks in the future.

At Dover Foodbank, we share The Trussell Trust’s vision of creating a future where fewer people need to turn to food banks for support. By being part of this network, we’re dedicated to providing not just food but also the necessary support and pathways to help individuals regain stability and independence.

If you’re interested in learning more about your local foodbank and how you can get involved visit our give help section today.

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